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Shock Wave Therapy

We now offer the newest service in rehabilitative care, shock wave therapy!! Shock Wave therapy is used anywhere we need to heal bone, soft tissue or aggressive wounds. 

A dog sitting outside in the grass with several kittens
A dog sitting outside in the grass with several kittens

Using sound waves, the shock wave unit creates deep vibrations which cause cells to release growth factors and stimulate new healthier tissue to form. It tightens muscle tissues for more stability, and breaks up any abnormal mineral deposits that form during aging or injuries (which includes surgery). And that’s not all! A shockwave treatment also creates new blood vessels to the area and encourages the formation of collagen, which is essential to healthy bone and tissues.   

 Candidates for this therapy are pets who have any of the following:

  • Post Op surgical orthopedic cases – TPLO or patella surgery

  • Fractures of any bone found in the body, including those that are hard to splint or cast.

  • Arthritis

  • Soft tissue injuries such as tendons, muscle or ligaments. It works great in our hard to heal cases with the shoulders and elbow - since the dog constantly puts weight on these joints, they are very slow to heal and prone to re-injury.

  • Wounds where healing may be delayed to due to where the wound is located, size and depth of the wound, and status of infection.

The shock wave treatment is able to penetrate deeper than any other modality, even our Class IV Laser!! Less treatments are also needed, and the effects last longer.