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Riverview Animal Hospital

Canine Rehabilitation

As a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, Emmy Finley, DVM is now taking appointments for Consults and Rehabilitation Therapy.

What is Veterinary Rehabilitation?

Physical Rehabilitation focuses on pain relief, healing, flexibility and strengthening to improve quality of life. 

Who can benefit from rehabilitation?

 Rehabilitation can improve healing times, manage pain and improve function and comfort in a variety of patients including:

Pre and Post surgical patients:

Pets with athletic injuries 

Pets with Neurologic injuries

Geriatric patients

Pets living with cancer

Pets trying to lose weight

Athletes looking to improve their performance or build endurance

Rehabilitation uses a variety of manual therapies, such as: massage, joint mobilization, acupuncture and therapeutic exercise , including use of the underwater treadmill, which we have onsite.  

Other Modalities we can perform include :

Neuromuscular Electrical stimulation

Photobiomodulation  ( laser therapy)

Electric shock wave therapy

Rehabilitation patients work hand in hand with their regular veterinarians to improve quality of life, by reducing pain and improving mobility.